The Monday After Sunday

Key Life
Friday January 20, 2017

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After the Prodigal Son came home from the pig farm, after his father welcomed him with wine, food, and music, he still had to get up the day after the celebration and go back to work in the fields. It’s the same way on Mondays. How do you keep truckin’ without forgetting the taste of Sunday’s wine and the sound of Sunday’s worship? Join Steve to find out.

A New Year and the Kingdom

Key Life
Friday January 6, 2017

steve's sermons

So, you made it through Christmas and 2016. Now what? Behold, the Kingdom! This message from Steve will help you look back to the coming of the King and look forward to a glorious future in the City of God.

I Resolve to be More Judgmental

Steve Brown
Wednesday January 4, 2017

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Let me make a New Year’s resolution suggestion for you:  I resolve to be more judgmental than I have been in the past. No, I’m not kidding, but there’s more to be said. I am a preacher after all.