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Sarah Taras is the co-host of the podcasts Fundyland Sees Red and Ezer Uncaged. She is a married mother of two with a Key Life/New Growth Press minibook on the way.

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Thursday July 20, 2017


I’m not against transparency and sharing our failures with others; we need that. Confession is a beautiful part of the Christian life; the gospel does free us to admit we “don’t got this.” It’s just that our tendency is to confess things to people because we want them to fix us with law, rather than sharing our struggles to hear the one thing that makes a hill of beans to sinners.

Brain Theatre

Tuesday June 20, 2017

pain & suffering

I can’t get out of Guilt’s grip. I can’t stop the voices. There’s only one way out.


Thursday April 20, 2017

christian life

The thing is, we really do think that the law has the power to keep us in line. We look at other people who are screwing it all up (probably in the same ways that we are) and we grab the law, ball it up like a pair of dirty socks, and just lob it at them.




When it doesn’t work, we get flustered at them. Really flustered. We come up with a list of the reasons *cough* judgments *cough* why they refuse to just do the right thing like we told them to. We conveniently fail to remember that this approach never works on us either, but we are really into that whole self-righteous disillusionment thing.

Boast in Your Weakness

Thursday February 2, 2017

christian life family parenting

Pressure had been building like steam in a tea kettle all morning long. Piles of dishes from the night before, missing shoes, children who won’t get out of bed, who won’t eat breakfast, who don’t answer when I call to them. Steam. Building. And then….Where’s Ezra? I open the back door. A once clean, blonde haired, blue eyed boy standing in the middle of his sandbox covered in mud.

Two Santas: Law & Gospel

Tuesday December 13, 2016

grace 101

I recently tagged along with my BFF who was hired as the photographer for a high-end, two day “Breakfast with Santa” event. The venue hired a different Santa for each day and the contrast between the two of them could not have been more stark.

Do You Still Love Me?

Tuesday November 29, 2016

christian life

The cross is evidence that God will continue to love us no matter what. “But because of His great love for us, God, who is rich in mercy, made us alive with Christ, even when we were dead in our trespasses. It is by grace you have been saved! (Ephesians 2:5) When we bring our confessions of failure to God, we get to be reminded once again that he really does love us, on the days that we are bad as much as he does on those days we think we are good. When we hear that word of absolution, “I love you, no matter what”, it sets our hearts free and we long to draw even closer to our Heavenly Father.