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Steve Brown is the founder of Key Life Network, which exists to communicate that the deepest message of the ministry of Jesus is the radical grace of God. Having spent 25 years as a pastor, Brown now devotes much of his time to the radio broadcasts Key Life and Steve Brown, Etc. which are currently heard on more than 600 outlets.

Brown has a B.A. in philosophy and religion from High Point College and an S.T.B. degree from Boston University School of Theology. He is a visiting professor of practical theology at Knox Theological Seminary and at Westminster Theological Seminary. Brown is also an in-demand speaker and the author of numerous books, including A Scandalous Freedom, How to Talk So People Will Listen and Approaching God. His articles have also appeared in many top Christian publications.

Additionally, Brown is a former member of the Board of Directors of the National Religious Broadcasters and a current member of the Board of Harvest, USA.

With such varied experience, Brown refuses to be a “guru,” doesn’t want to be anyone’s mother and gives, in his teaching, the freedom to think. He lives in Florida with his wife, Anna. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.

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In an Impossible Situation

Wednesday January 11, 2017

christian life

Jesus just couldn’t get away from all the people who needed him. Jesus went away to a lonely place to rest and to pray in Mark 6, only to have a hungry crowd of five thousand meet him…with no fast food in sight. That is what I’d call an impossible situation.

I Resolve to be More Judgmental

Wednesday January 4, 2017

steve's letters

Let me make a New Year’s resolution suggestion for you:  I resolve to be more judgmental than I have been in the past. No, I’m not kidding, but there’s more to be said. I am a preacher after all.

Steve’s Devotional - Daring to Doubt

Monday January 2, 2017

steve's devotional

Do you have doubts about the faith? “No,” you say, “I’ve been a Christian for years.” You don’t understand. I didn’t ask if you were a Christian or not. I asked if you had some doubts, perhaps a nagging question in the back of your mind, “Is this stuff really true?” It’s okay to ask that question. In fact, it’s normal.

Happy New Year - Please Send Money

Thursday December 29, 2016


I hate asking you to help us financially, but this is an expensive ministry and we do, actually, raise a large part of our budget at the end of the year. So, if you can, help us out. Click this post to read more or click the donate button at the top of the page. I promise we’ll be as faithful with your gift as you were in giving it.