An Improper Messiah

By: Key Life on Friday January 30, 2015

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Jesus doesn’t fit into anybody’s mold. Jesus, God in the flesh. Jesus, lover of drunks, traitors and whores. He’s certainly not as religious as some think he should be. Don’t miss this message from Steve as he teaches from the Gospel of Mark about our surprising savior.


Jesus Wants the Rose - Matt Chandler video thumbnail

Jesus Wants the Rose - Matt Chandler

By: Key Life on Thursday January 29, 2015

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The church can often become an enemy of the gospel, leaving sinners and sufferers lost and lonely. If that rings true to you, watch this short video from Matt Chandler to experience the heart of the good news for jacked up people.

Christians Are Human Too

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday January 28, 2015

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One of the major problems Christians face is that, even though they sometimes don’t admit it, they fail to really see their weakness clearly. But more important than that, most Christians fail to see their weakness in relation to God’s strength. Because of this failure, many Christians live a life of frustration and guilt. And God doesn’t sell frustration and guilt in his store…so if you have them, you didn’t get them from him.

Only the Sinner - Josh Bales

By: Guest Bloggers on Tuesday January 27, 2015

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After years of listening to Steve teach me about grace, on a snowy day at seminary while I was supposed to be learning Greek grammar, I picked up my guitar and started pondering the gospel story, Steve’s words, and how much my Heavenly Father loved me in the midst of my brokenness. Download the song, “Only the Sinner,” for free!

Facing the Music - Jennifer Knapp video thumbnail

Facing the Music - Jennifer Knapp

By: Key Life on Monday January 26, 2015

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In 2002, Jennifer Knapp was at the height of her career as a contemporary Christian artist. Then she disappeared and left it all behind. Jennifer returned to professional music in 2010 and publicly confirmed that she is gay. Listen to Jennifer tell her story on SBE.

Being Out of Control video thumbnail

Being Out of Control

By: Key Life on Friday January 23, 2015

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Are you in a battle you can’t win? Don’t you hate being out of control? A lot of religion is trying to control something that isn’t controllable. We try to fix every problem, answer every question and control everything. This message from Steve will help you experience the relief that comes with realizing you’re not God… and that’s okay.