The Dark Night of the Soul

Steve Brown
Wednesday August 24, 2016

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Are you wandering around a spiritual wilderness and dying of thirst? Does it feel like God has gone away on vacation to Bermuda? I’ve been there and still go there on occasions. For the record, if you find yourself going through a dark night, Christ can identify with your pain and suffering. He can identify with your dark night of the soul. There is hardly a single place in your life right now where Jesus doesn’t say—sometimes with tears—“Yes, child, I know.”


Where’s the Line? - < 60 Seconds with Steve video thumbnail

Where’s the Line? - < 60 Seconds with Steve

Key Life
Friday August 19, 2016

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God’s not mad at his children. He loves the worst of us just as much as he loves Jesus, and there’s nothing we can do to make him love us any more or any less. We don’t have to be good to stay in the family, because Jesus was good for us. That’s incredibly good news! So much so that many fear its power and hide the gospel in religion. Check out this short video from Steve, then watch the entire message, The Weird Ways of God.

I Give You Permission

Steve Brown
Wednesday August 17, 2016

grace 101

A Christian philosophy of boldness should include the believer’s rights. In fact, it would be incomplete without a list of believer’s rights. I used to teach that a believer has no rights…I was wrong. Now a Christian may or may not choose to turn over his or her rights…but don’t tell me that a Christian has no rights. It simply isn’t true. So what are your rights as a believer?

Looking for Meaning in a Box Full of Meaning

Chad West
Tuesday August 16, 2016

christian life

All my life, I wanted to do something special. My heart ached with hunger for some reason to beat. I dreamed of success that led to peace. It’s probably why I went into ministry. Besides the religious expectation that anyone showing a serious interest in Christianity must be destined to be a pastor, I wanted meaning. The problem was that once I had a meaningful calling, I started asking myself if it was meaningful enough.

Kierkegaard: A Single Life - Stephen Backhouse video thumbnail

Kierkegaard: A Single Life - Stephen Backhouse

Key Life
Monday August 15, 2016

christian life

This week on SBE, ‘Kierkegaard: A Single Life.’ No, this isn’t another book about Christian dating. It’s about “the ultimate anti-Christianity Christian” like you’ve never seen him before. Join Stephen Backhouse for a story filled with romance, betrayal, family curses, humor, and riots as he discusses his new book about the life of Kierkegaard.