Steve’s 2015 Knox Commencement Address

By: Key Life on Tuesday June 30, 2015


Steve recently addressed the graduating class of 2015 at Knox Theological Seminary. His talk was titled “Birds, Snakes and Ministry” from Matthew 10:16. Check it out and pass it on to your friends and family in ministry.


Steve’s Devotional - How to Believe

By: Steve Brown on Monday June 29, 2015

steve's devotional

If you are a skeptic or have ever been one, then, chances are, you have had the experience of going to a Christian, asking about his or her faith, only to receive a “You just believe, that’s all” in response. I don’t know about you, but I remember feeling frustrated by that. I already know the problem. What I need is a solution.

Finding the Prince of Peace in the Holy Land

By: Guest Bloggers on Saturday June 27, 2015

christian life

I recently completed a 37,000-mile prayer pilgrimage around the world. I met monks, danced with rabbis, had an audience with Pope Francis, visited Mount Athos, walked on coals, and revived my prayer life. I experienced a world of prayers traditions across the Judeo-Christian faith family, including some of the “weird uncles” and “crazy cousins,” like Westboro and North Korea. On my journey, I had the opportunity to visit the Middle East, where I toured Bethlehem and Jerusalem. On my last day in town, I visited a very special place.

Stories Matter

By: Rachel Cohen on Thursday June 25, 2015

christian life

We sat across the table from one another, casually chatting about life and school. She said something about how she was having a hard time because of what everyone thought about her.

Too Many Mothers

By: Steve Brown on Wednesday June 24, 2015

christian life relationships

We weren’t meant to correct and fix one another…with the goal to make us all into cookie-cutter Christians. That’s not what it’s all about. Steve Brown on how to do church and relationships the right way. Be the Christian God created you to be.

Teach Children the Bible Isn’t about Them

By: Sally Lloyd-Jones on Tuesday June 23, 2015

family parenting

Almost overnight, my 8 year-old niece went from being a vivacious little girl who sang her way through life—as if she was singing the soundtrack of her own life the movie—and became a frightened withdrawn child who spoke so softly you could barely hear her. It was as if she was literally losing her voice, herself. And then we found out she was being bullied at school.

Steve’s Devotional - Repent Now

By: Steve Brown on Monday June 22, 2015

steve's devotional

Repent now! Does that make you wince? In this devotional blog from Steve Brown, find out exactly what repentance is. You’ll be pleasantly surprised…and relieved. Repentance is really all about God’s love and grace. Take time this weekend to read it and to respond.