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Being Out of Control

By: Key Life on Friday January 23, 2015

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Are you in a battle you can’t win? Don’t you hate being out of control? A lot of religion is trying to control something that isn’t controllable. We try to fix every problem, answer every question and control everything. This message from Steve will help you experience the relief that comes with realizing you’re not God… and that’s okay.

Hope for Dirtbags Like Me - Chad West

By: Guest Bloggers on Tuesday January 20, 2015

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I want to go to a church where a doctor and a prostitute can bump into each other at the entrance like a bad dirty joke, and walk in holding hands, laughing, and nobody thinks a thing. Because they both know they’re sinners. And they both know they’re loved. You may believe that’s nuts. You may shake your head and remember all the Pharisees you know, and the shame in your own heart, and know it will never happen.

Steve’s Devotional - What about the Past?

By: Steve Brown on Monday January 19, 2015

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We all have a past of problems, sin, mistakes and struggles. The question is, what do you do about your past? Everyone, it seems, has an easy answer: “Forget about your past, there’s nothing you can do about it, anyway.” “Your past is past, let it go.” “The past has nothing to do with the present.”

Sin Up in My Grill

By: Pete Alwinson on Saturday January 17, 2015

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Clarity is good, I’ve learned, and when Abba sticks around to make a point, then I’m going to stick with it a bit longer and risk a deeper look. I do that not because I’m so spiritual; it’s because if I don’t deal with it now, I’ve learned I’ll have to circle back and deal with it later. He’s quite persistent in a gentle kind of way.

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The Breath of God

By: Key Life on Friday January 16, 2015

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What motivates you? If it’s religion, you’ll run out of gas. If you’re trying to be good to make up for all the bad things you’ve done, quit it; God doesn’t need your help. But if it’s the breath of God, you’ll be unstoppable. Don’t miss this message from Steve.