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Philip Yancey | Fearfully & Wonderfully (Re-air)

Philip Yancey | Fearfully & Wonderfully (Re-air)

DECEMBER 30, 2019

/ Programs / Steve Brown Etc / Philip Yancey | Fearfully & Wonderfully (Re-air)

Your body was fearfully and wonderfully made. And what about the body of Christ? 

Spiritual insights from the human body and the beauty of an enduring friendship. This week, Steve and the gang discussed both with Philip Yancey, author of the newly revised and expanded classic, ‘Fearfully and Wonderfully:  The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image.

Philip Yancey has written twenty-five books including best-sellers like Disappointment With God and Where Is God When It Hurts? He currently has more than fifteen million books in print, published in more than forty languages worldwide. His newest book is actually not new. We’ll let Philip explain that. It’s called Fearfully and Wonderfully: The Marvel of Bearing God’s Image.

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