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God's Not Mad at You
Forgive & Forget

Forgive & Forget

JULY 14, 2020

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Is there something in your past that’s ruining your present?

You hear about the little boy with a new slingshot? On his first day out, he killed his grandmother’s pet duck, hid it in the wood pile, and his sister saw it. When she was asked to wash dishes or take out the trash, she’d say, “Oh, Billy will do it.” And then she would whisper to him, “Remember the duck.” Finally, Billy just couldn’t take it anymore, and he told his grandmother.  She said, “I know. I was standing by the window. I saw the whole thing.  I forgave you then, ‘cause I love you. I just wondered how long you were going to let your sister make a slave of you.”  So if somebody keeps whispering to you, “Remember the duck?”, run to Jesus. You’re already forgiven.

I’m Steve Brown.  You think about that. 

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