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DECEMBER 30, 2022

/ Programs / You Think About That / Redemption

If you’ve blown it big-time and made a real mess of things, God’s grace and unconditional love can fix it.

I love the story about a man who owned the only heir salon in a small town, made a good living until big business came to town.

Across the street from his little shop, sprang up one of those franchise operations. They advertised everything for $6, $6 haircuts, $6 perms, $6 manicures. The owner of the little salon started to lose customers. You know what he did? He put up a sign in his window that read, “We fix $6 haircuts.”

God does that too. If you went and blew it big time and got a cheap haircut from the world, go to him. His grace and unconditional love will fix it.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that.

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