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Jerry Parries

Pastor Jerry Q. Parries is a dynamic leader who presents God’s Word with encouragement and empowerment. Ordained under the leadership of Bishop Paul S. Morton, he delivers God’s truth with an exceptional blend of inspiration, humor, and promotion of love. Jerry Q. Parries is the founder and senior pastor of Christian Family Worship Center – House of Grace, located in Orlando, Florida.

In addition to being a Pastor, Pastor Parries also has a dynamic career in the Gospel Music Industry. He is the founder of the award-winning record label Tehillah Music Group which includes artists such as Bishop Paul S. Morton, Jonathan McReynolds, Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship, featuring BeBe Winans, Kurt Carr, and Byron Cage, among others. Pastor Parries is responsible for being Executive Producer of hit projects with Bishop Paul S. Morton, such as “Let it Rain”, “Seasons Change”, “Lord, Whatever You’re Doing in this Season”, and “Still Standing” just to name a few. Jerry Q Parries hired and worked with some of the best producers in the country like Sanchez Hardy, Kurt Carr, Donald Lawrence, and Trent Phillips.

In 2020, Pastor Jerry launched a new company called VRGOS “A Virtual Reality Company” where we help churches create a 360 degree experience of their worship service and their members can view and virtually be inside the church from anywhere in the world. We also provide recording artists, authors, and actors a platform where they can reach millions of people through a new and exciting partnership in the VR world.

Pastor Parries has been married to Co-Pastor Eunice Parries for more than 25 years and authored two books: Grace the Real Good News of the Gospel and The Making of A Blended Family.

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