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Sticking Out of the Suitcase

Sticking Out of the Suitcase

MAY 10, 2022

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The real God is sometimes confusing, but he loves you…and that makes all the difference.

You ever pack and find something sticking out of the suitcase?

That’s what theology should do. Some of it ought to stick out of the suitcase. God’s ways are always higher than our ways. And God’s thoughts higher than our thoughts. God, isn’t just bigger than we think. He’s bigger than we can think. That means. If everything fits, you’ve overlooked something.

In fact, if you’ve never stood before God and been totally confused, you’re probably worshiping an idol. The real God is sometimes confusing. We’re talking about God here. Oh, and did I mention that he loves you. That makes the confusion okay.

I’m Steve Brown. You think about that.

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